Sam’s mom isn’t answering his calls. It could be nothing, it’d be childish to panic--Sam knows this but memories of past trauma loosen his grip on the present, forcing him to ask “is she OK?” again, and again, and again.


Director's statement

My mother fought lung cancer when I was eleven. She survived, but even if you beat cancer it forever changes your life and the lives of your loved ones. As a young kid seeing my mom so vulnerable, scared for the first time, had a great impact on me. This film is the story of that turning point, brought to it's only possible conclusion: at the same time my mom seemed weakest to me, she was at her strongest too.


On March 1st, 2014, a group of filmmakers loaded up in a pass van with me and headed from NYC to Winston-Salem, NC where production would begin for “Everything’s OK.” Over the next nine days, we bounced around a range of locations: from the my childhood home, to a high school wrestling room, to The Lodge (aka Psi Chi’s house at UNC).  At times the shoot days were hard (shooting 35mm in the rain and snow isn’t easy per se), but there was plenty of comfort food and sweet tea to balance it all out. And whenever the gruel of indie-filmmaking got to me despite the plentiful Southern treats, I simply had to turn to  those around me and their belief in the film got me right back up. The crew and cast became a family of sorts and the finished film is ever-better for it.